What Is The Best Way To Invest In Turkey?

November 20, 2014
Investing in Turkey with and ETF

We Researched How To Invest In Turkey With A Skeptical Eye. So we looked at Turkey from a non biased perspective to try to come up with the best investment vehicles possible. We thought there would be several options, but we ended up finding out that just one ETF really dominates the space. The ticker is “TUR” created by iShares, which by the way we have no affiliation with whatsoever. The ETF was started in May 26th, 2008. We looked into the contents of this ETF and were impressed. Currently is has a broad mix financial stocks, telecom and consumer products. Some of the top holdings of the iShares MSCI Turkey ETF include the following: GARAN, TURKIYE GARANTI BANKASI A, AKBNK, AKBANK A, TCELL, TURKCELL ILETISIM, HIZMETLERI A, BIMAS, BIM BIRLESIK, MAGAZALAR A, HALKB, BANKASI A.  If you were anything like me, then you had never heard of many of these companies. So after digging deeper we found that we were woefully ignorant and should have known these companies. They are some of the heavy hitters in banking and telecom in Turkey. So despite the heavy weighting in financials we like this ETF. The fees are a little over .61% and again the ticker is “TUR.”

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  • Jian Tam

    this is great info for turkey etfs. thank you!